The H* group asks me, as part of my job, to answer a survey as a contractor for a big consulting firm which is conducting an audit in my university. You would believe that these big shots would have a cool technology and the latest development served by a fine appropriate language to make you feel how important your input is.


First, the group states its disclaimers: Apple computers should work, no more than “should”. Second, one should use Internet Explorer for which solely the software is approved. Not very professional—whatever you think of Internet Explorer, it is not the state-of-the-art browser and it is not the only one in town at any rate. Third, there is no “autosave” function and you are warned that you will lose whatever you did if you do not comply—comply being the word when one considers the authoritarian tone of the instructions.

My conclusion: neither the language nor the type of technical recommendation gives a favorable opinion of the whole thing.

Fortunately, the email inviting to fill the survey was courteous (but vague enough to make me suspect a well-written spam) and it seems to work even with Chrome…